The mixture of semen and feces after anal sex.
After John blew his wad in Janes ass, she left butter scotch all over the bed sheets.
by Wicho April 05, 2006
Young untouched pussy
Jeff - Yo man check out those middle schoolers.

Fred - Full of some Butter Scotch.
by Loose Lips March 12, 2012
Noun. Slang term for the male genitalia.
Susie Q is all about sucking on that butterscotch.
by Y.U. Ma December 06, 2010
The butterscotch scent on a man's fingers after he finger bangs a woman. (Pronounced "buttuh-scotch")
Telly, your fingers smell like butterscotch! Mmm... let me smell them again!!!
by col. clink May 01, 2005
whitey-brown anal fluid, when having anal sex. also a sweet that your grandparents might eat.
Boy: we better clean up this butterscotch before my mum gets home.

Girl: Haha, my grandad eats butterscotch, its his favourite sweet, what a coincidence!
by chuckalong. April 26, 2010
The unholy union of butter and scotch. One of the few alcoholic dairy products. Exercise extreme caution.
Butterscotch: drink responsibly.
by enbob89 August 12, 2006
Usually used as an exclamation when confronted with an unfortunate situation. Can be used in place of "fuck!", "shit!", or "damn!".
Local News: It appears there is heavy traffic on the highway due to an accident at Exit 20.

Employee: Butterscotch!
by SharkFangFist April 16, 2007
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