'Dave gave her a right good buttering so he did'

'I can tell by the way she is walking she was double buttered last night'

'She loves a bit of butter in the morning'

'I buttered last night'

'You can't beat a bit of butter'
by babadobey January 04, 2010
by gottem3212 April 26, 2009
The state of being smooth, usually used as landing a skateboard trick perfectly
Damn, that kickflip was butters!
by butterystezzy mcfeezy April 02, 2009
cocaine with a yellow tint
You can tell this coke has not been cut; this is butter
by mattie September 27, 2003
the act of smoothly flipping your pen around your fingers. This often occurs during boring activities or lectures.
I buttered so much last class, mr. hall sucks at teaching.
by pistapher November 02, 2010
One who turns down the clear opportunity of decent pussy in the form of sex or a blow job.
Alex was offered a blow job from a hot girl, and he said no. What a butter.
by alexisabutter November 25, 2009
something that is either disagreeable or under par
It can also be someone that is ugly or under standard
Mate.. That girl is butters
by TAIR - Jap May 31, 2009

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