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The term "Butter It" can be used to replace any verb.

It is Traditionally used by people from the hick style background.
"John and Suzy-Q are hanging out later, what do you think they're going to be doing?"

"John said he wanted to Butter It."


"We were in class, and instead of listening Matt and I just Buttered it the whole time."
by BUTTERITINTHE603 April 29, 2010
What happens when you get the "Sloppy Joe" Special at a local Diner. Some hours later, the remedy of sauces and meats results in a purging of the intestines, in a liquid form.
"You ok man? You were in the bathroom for like 3 hours."

"Yeah I ate at Suzy-Q's yesterday and had wicked bad Dinerhhea"
by BUTTERITINTHE603 January 15, 2010

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