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an outcry of displeasure uttered by a gay man or just a very feminine man
gay man drops a plate and then says "Oh butternuts"
by anonymous July 29, 2003
30 17
a small round nut dipped several times in butter. Eaten by the most obese of wisconsin society (Mrs. Hose).
Butternut(s) can be used in many diffrent recipes for instance the butternut candy bar...1 stick of butter with large butter nuts protruding from every inch of its surface.
She dipped her husbands small genitals in BUTTERNUT sauce before she licked them clean.
You little shit, give me my god damn butter nuts before i fucken cream my jeans and fucken eat your ass out.
Mrs. Hose shrilled in pleasure as she rammed her face full of the delectable butter nut.
And one final example!
Mrs Hose bathed in the butter nut as she squirted butternut shampoo over every inch of her 500lb body.
by Steve January 12, 2005
46 18
A Butter Nut is someone who likes to do your bitchwork for you.

The name comes from Tom , the ORIGINAL BUTTER NUTS
"Hey you going to get that shit?"
"Nah, it was snowing a little, so i sent Butter Nut(s)"
"haha, what a fucking bitch"
by CRACKTOWNNN August 06, 2009
10 0
A man who cannot keep his load, or, in other words, cums too soon.
April: "Last night I had sex with Charles, it ended too fast.."

Janis: "Wow, he's such a butternut."
by Lady Missy May 07, 2010
12 7
to have nuts {testicles} that melt in your mouth like butter.
mmmm Jeremiah is a butternut!
by thelovenest August 17, 2010
5 2
To describe a hot chick that is actually a dude.
That chick is hot, butter nuts.
by Blue footed pig March 06, 2008
12 9
Coined by the late "AK" meaning to show great dis taste in an object, thing, place, person, action, etc. This word can also take the form of a adjective, noun, adverb, etc. Butternuts has the flavor of an old man that's got shriveled up dusted walnuts. Butternuts has the looks of 90 year old plastic supermodel that continues to get botox.
Ya bro, that movie got less than 65% on Rottentomatoes, it was so butternuts. Like lots of butter on those nuts, it was so bad
by The Butter King December 01, 2010
4 3