A shit peanut attatched to your dick after pulling out of a woman's ass. A term used to describe the nasty ass hoe who's ass you've pulled out of.
I was ass-fucking a girl and came out with a butterbean; or; Hey, Butterbean, how've you been?
by atlas January 17, 2005
Top Definition
A fat ass boxer who will knock your shit out.
Bone: "Man, Butterbean knocked you the fuck out."
by Plukovnik March 23, 2006
Failure to accomplish a successful bean dip.
Squanto "Hey, buddy! I dare you to go bean dip Tits McGee over there"

McNabb "Alright here I go!"

*attempt to bean dip Tits McGee*

by Butter Beans McGee April 07, 2011
resembling something that can be found in a turd.
I fucked that gal up the ass last night and on the tip of my cock was a butterbean, and it didnt have a tooth-mark on it!!
by hippie2011 January 08, 2011
a girl with yellow skin and a fro. normally found eating vegetables or offering unwarranted advice.
That's why I love her. She my Butterbean. She nice.
by cupcake1990 November 01, 2009
A small turd ball that gets sucked up a straw during the act of shrimping.
Damn, I was shrimping Max last night and almost choked on a butterbean.
by Kiler October 25, 2004
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