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4 definitions by hippie2011

Turd-Bling is any shiny or outstanding object in your shit that draws attention or makes your turd unique....such as corn or some kind of peanut or pepper.
After eating that spicy vegetable soup I noticed I had alot of corn for turd-bling.
by hippie2011 January 08, 2011
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A dinglet is a smaller piece of feces than a dingleberry.
That Sheepdog had a string of dinglets hanging out the back of his ass.
by hippie2011 January 08, 2011
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Origin: The phrase "blow job," for oral-genital sex performed on a male, is surprisingly new in terms of its widespread understanding and usage. It started to appear in slang dictionaries in the 1960s, around the time pop icon Andy Warhol released his film Blow Job, containing several explicit depictions of the act. Earlier the term had been used by college men, prostitutes, and printed in underground pornography, but it was not yet commonplace
I cant believe I paid only $5 for that blowjob!
by Hippie2011 January 08, 2011
20 20
resembling something that can be found in a turd.
I fucked that gal up the ass last night and on the tip of my cock was a butterbean, and it didnt have a tooth-mark on it!!
by hippie2011 January 08, 2011
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