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Lewd sexual act in which a man inserts a stick of butter into a woman's ass then proceeds to fuck her in the doggystyle position. As the action heats up the butter melts and drips all over the man's testicles. Afterwards the butter is usually licked up by the woman, or sometimes spread onto toast.
Guy #1: "Man, your woman bakes a good cake"

Guy #2: "Yeah, would've been even better if we hadn't used up all the butter butter-balling last night!"
by Professor Poo January 01, 2008
The act of a male lowering his testicles into the anus of another (male or female).
Steve was butter balling with his girlfriend Thursday night.

Or in conversation..."I can't believe I caught Mike butter balling that ho."
by PattyPoo19 January 01, 2008
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