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A "butt-bang" can either mean a rear action (Careful, honey, it's my first time) or a "rear-ender" car accident.
" I butt-banged 'er..!"
by Johnny Chingas March 23, 2005
noun, anal intercourse
verb, to practice anal intercourse with
She has the comeliest ass in the clique, so she’d be the perfect performer to open the buttbang party.

“That’s exactly my idea,” the assistant said. “Rebecca will be buttbanged to exhaustion.”
by Tiago Zuhr April 11, 2010
when to girls take a 2-sided dildo and push there butts together so the dildo goes in both assholes
Man hwen i saw sara and kendra i wish i could see them butt bang.
by John Bourjeili August 15, 2008
To ingest drugs by shoving a syringe up the butt and squirting the drugs into the rectum.
Fact: you can butt bang BDO if you don't want to wait four hours for your digestive tract to be free.
by Coz the Shroom May 29, 2010
To buttfuck someone with a pistol. See hot buttbang.
I whipped out my 9mm and buttbanged that dude.
by Cor Diddy October 26, 2007