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B.D.O. is normally refereing to a white female who prefers to only be with black guys. It stands for Black-Dick-Only.
Check out that White girl over there with the hoop earrings; you know shes bdo.

Hey Rich you think I have a chance with her?
Nah man she is BDO!
by pwhitti095 February 03, 2010
Slang for Barbados
where ya from?
by nol00k June 18, 2010
BDO is the acronym for "BACK DOORS OFF", the art of the penis entering the female anus and thrusting violently until the female's anus becomes loose.
William: What did you get up to last night Daniel?

Daniel: I blew the BDO this maltese girl!
by Krillcrusher January 18, 2012

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