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2 definitions by Chronicus

A moment or series of events, usually at parties or clubs, that you have completely forgotten who you are and what you are even doing at said place in time due to excess of alcohol and/or drugs.
"Ey Jesse, remember when we went over to Dan's house party last week?"

"Aw yeah man. That night was straight bakadunka."
by Chronicus August 29, 2007
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Name given to a male service member officer who tries to play a straight man, yet still runs off in the night to stay with male "friends" for sleep overs and slumber parties, or meetings as some of them would say. See also: Bruce-Stash Backdoor Captain Bruce L'Allier
"So where did the O go?"
"You mean..'pause'.. Bang Butt?"
"Prolly suckin on boy's member right about now."
by Chronicus October 01, 2008
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