a person you'd just as soon be rid of
"Get lost, buttwipe.'
by kitznegari November 09, 2002
Top Definition
1) a crappy person.

2) anything used to wipe ones ass.
1) You are an annoying butt wipe. Please leave my personal space.

2) Oooh, that was a particularly greasy shit, this is gonna take lotsa butt wipe.
by biffula November 28, 2007
In other words; a jerk, asshole, jackass, or more importantly, "asswipe". Only pussy-whipped bastards that have no balls use "buttwipe"
"Grant M. of Chambersburg is a buttwipe."
by "Skid-marks" January 08, 2004
Fool, idiot, imbecile, wiper of other people's bottoms.
Dude, I hope your butt-wipe friend doesn't show up and wreck the party.
by Monkdunker August 26, 2003
toilet paper
I had to go to the bathroom. I used butt wipe.
by Joe Hansen February 28, 2004
someone who is an asshole or someone who you despise immensely
Person A: "isnt that girl lilah such a buttwipe?"
Person B: "Yeah man i totally agree"
by bigravensfan January 10, 2011
person who is an assistant to wipping another person butt
John Kerry is a butt wipe
by cody h December 05, 2005
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