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Rectum dwelling primate
That buttmonkey needs to come out for a while and get some fresh air
by MakTheYak November 25, 2003
A Butt-Monkey is someone who worships another person. They laugh at all their jokes whether they're funny or not, they think they're great even when they're not and generally strive to spend as much time with that person as they can. The person the Butt-Monkeys follow is called a Butt-Monkey King or Queen.

by Anonymous February 28, 2003
one who, through ineptitude, lack of confidence, lack of superpowers, or sheer ability to kiss ass, is the bitch of everyone around them
If only I could get zapped by a dose of gamma rays; then I wouldn't have to be everybody's buttmonkey!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
One who clings to the butt of another as a monkey clings to a tree, a butt-kisser.
I can't beleive you bought a birthday present for your boss, you are such a butt-monkey.
by Phantom004 August 22, 2005
Someone whose frequent nincompoopery and/or lack of intelectual capacity subjects themselves to public ridicule.
Karen's was such a butt monkey that she put her underwear on backwards
by sean March 31, 2003
The kind of person that just won't stop gibbering out of their ass.
Will someone shut that damn buttmonkey up!
by Bumzin August 23, 2004
1. A general insult.
2. A sycophant, or "brown-noser."
3. Someone who is extremely irritating or annoying, a "pain in the ass."
1. God, you're such a butt monkey.
2. Jones is such a kiss-ass butt monkey.
3. Dammit! Would you stop being such a butt monkey and LEAVE ME ALONE?!
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
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