a person who loves to cook on animal buttoxes
Hey negus....I am a butt monkey
by GoatMaster1 March 21, 2010
a butt monkey is a person acting or being incredibly stupidly, often both at the same time
someone not understanding the meaning of butt monkey
by john February 23, 2005
a really stupid,retarted person with no life, also looks like a monkey with a butt on its face.
terrell: alex your a twittle twottle

Alex: shut up you butt monkey
by alex rc April 17, 2008
Widely used in descriptions of younger siblings.
My little brother is SUCH a BUTTMONKEY!!!!
by Who CARES?! September 20, 2006
(v) to send a message to the incorrect person, especially with disastrous consequences.
Chris buttmonkeyed everyone in the entire company via netmsg. He immediately stood up, walked out of the room, and never returned.
by baldmosher October 23, 2007
A secret clan of monkeys favoring the ass and all phornications of it.
My freind Nick Lehr was being such a butt monkey this morning.
by A FREIND February 07, 2003
A nickname for Wal-Mart employees.
Kimbo Dumas is a Butt-Monkey.

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