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Hair style parted down the middle, popular in the 70's to 80's. Usually feathered.
That dude is rockin a serious Butt Cut!
by Shaggy25 January 08, 2007
The hair-do that involves parting the hair down the middle of ones head
Mike used to part his hair on one side but he decided a change was in order and now has a Butt-cut
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
A hairstyle popularized in the 80's which somehow still maitains a large following. The hair can be grown to almost any length and then is parted directly in the middle so that the top of the head resembles the asscrack.
Man, can you believe Ryan still has that buttcut?
by TheTurkey March 31, 2005
when someone makes you mad so you cut your butt with a knife and poop out of the little cuts.
robert made me so mad, i butt cut.
by butt cut February 25, 2015
To give a girl so much butt sex it bleeds
O baby! HARDER! OW! My anus is bleeding!
by The Unknow Ass Ranger March 31, 2004

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