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The combined aroma of booty, dick, and pussy commonly associated with sexual activity.
Damn biach, spray the Lysol, it smells like budussy in this piece.
by Langston Schwartz December 14, 2003
274 106
A lingering odor caused by the anatomical mixture of anal, penile, and vaginal secretions...most often smelled during dirty monkey sex.
After the party, Shaniqua's bedroom smelled like some funktacious budussy.
by ms_nanahooter August 05, 2003
196 101
a rancid smell that can only be explained by summing it with butt dick and pussy
man whats that smell
i dont know it smells like buddussy
by adrian June 16, 2003
108 44
The mixture of butt, dick, and pussy.
At the orgy there was nothing but the smell of budussy.
by Tess Teckles July 01, 2005
78 38
the smell of
booty,dick, and pussy
"Man it smells like budussy in here!"
by Scrilla December 13, 2002
80 42
A combination of smells leading one to believe that sexual intercourse or activity has taken place, specifically, butt, dick and pussy.

pronounced: buh-DOO-see
"It smells like budussy in here: butt, dick, and pussy!"
by Sebastyen Storm December 20, 2005
59 25
That bitch smell like BUDUSSY!
by Champ March 05, 2004
55 24