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The gluteus maximus; side of the buttocks.
Her shorts were short and you could see the little moons of her butt cheeks.
by cornholio October 18, 2003
The two sides of the buttocks.
When Peter entered the room, Jeremy was playing with his daughter's buttcheeks.
His nose slid right in between her large and pretty buttcheeks.
by Tiago Zuhr September 24, 2005
A large muscle in the body that absorbs cheezits
Alright broski, so please don't slap my buttcheek because that would be weird and I need that for important things.
by gabjalinda November 06, 2010
A close call. Going to the absolute final brink of a terrible situation and coming through unscathed.

Derived from having to take a powerful shit and squeezing the cheeks of your ass together in order to waddle to the toilet, making it just in time and releasing the vice grip on your anus to birth a fecal fist, likely to produce a splashback that is as refreshing to your anus as the new found relief of your large intestine.
Person 1: Holy shit, you almost hit that car!

Person 2: Yeah, I totally buttcheeksed it.
by Compute March 19, 2009
A verb used to describe anything
1. idude i just rank 45 buttcheeks/i

2. iman i wish i could pull that many buttcheeks /i
by dirty cheese June 06, 2006
The name for a shy girl who tends to blush, so cheeks seems to be as soft as a baby's behind, given by a Crackbaby.
Buttcheeks had to write a definition, because it seemed that the whole world was wondering..why Buttcheeks?
by Yezenia April 16, 2007
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