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The Wolf pack is a conglomerate of fagots, drunks that "can't hang", clumsy and or uncoordinated people that go to parties and make fools out of themselves.
They also deny each other and the wolf pack in its entirety when things get too crazy or involve physical confrontation, this includes getting kicked out of parties.

Gay wolf pack member- grabs other men crotch area. He does this with the full knowledge and confidence that the victim will not make a scene (especially at Halloween parties) because it will cause self humiliation.

Drunk that "can't hang"- This member is responsible for drinking the smallest amount of alcohol and getting the most wasted while at the same time promoting the wolf pack name and political agenda. Note- This member is easy to anger and to fuck with, this usually results in him getting kicked out of parties and looking like a bitch.

Clumsy Wolf pack member- Challenges others to drinking games but ends up humiliating himself and humanity by spilling beer all over his shirt and being an overall bitch.

The wolf pack may also have an African-American/nigger/black guy, member in its numbers. This member is responsible for wearing cheap ass gear(clothing) and trying to hate on other peoples shoes. This of course results in his own humiliation and the destruction of his dignity.
Drunk wolf pack member- Wolf pack is the best (slams beer on table)
Owner of the House/party host- Get the fuck out you fucken drunk bitch.
Drunk wolf pack member-Fuck this party.... WOLF PACK LETS ROLL..... (pounds remaining beer in his can ) while waking away
Wolf pack members- deny the existence of the wolf pack and deny all knowledge of drunk wolf pack member.

Drunk wolf pack member- waits outside in the cold streets for 4 hours thinking that the wolf pack will rise and follow him into glorious victory, but in reality other wolf pack members stay indoors enjoying the party while taking mass shit about drunk wolf pack member.
Drunk wolf pack member most infamous quote " I blackout but i never pass out"
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by Bigballz805 November 02, 2010
A moon roof nigger is a person who smokes marijuana with his friend in a car during the rain with the windows open, then asks his friends to put the windows up so the rain does not come in; but in order to let the smoke out of the car he decides to open the moon roof of his car which contradicts the action of closing the windows to keep the rain from coming in. This person acted like a nigger therefore this person is described as a being a Moon roof nigger.
yo guys close the windows so my car don't get wet; but i got to get the smoke out so ill just open the moon roof.

friends: (laughing) your so retarded you a Moon roof nigger.
#carlos #fatboi #nigger #moon roof nigger #weed.
by Bigballz805 March 04, 2009
The W.L.G (White liberation group) is an organization established by bored teens trying to pass the time and spread the message of white dominance and supremacy.
W.L.G's message is of peace and love...... but the lesser races still need to get the fuck out of the country....
#white #power #liberation #group #moonroof nigger #fatboi
by Bigballz805 April 06, 2010
This word describes a person who is fat ass fuck and who's cheeks are so big they look like his butt cheeks.

Person one: Look at that fat ass run, is his ass on his face?

Person two: no man, that's just butt cheeks trying to play basketball.
#butt cheeks #fat bitch #super fat ass motherfucker bitch ass leva #nigger #asshole
by Bigballz805 March 21, 2009
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