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a girl with a good body and a nasty face. e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker.
she had a smokin body butherface was so nasty I had to get out the old paper bag.
by the prophet March 26, 2003
a girl with a tight body but a nasty face.
S:damn what a butherface!
T:What's a butherface?
S:everything about her's great butherface.
by Jason November 23, 2003
a girl whos perfect in every aspect but her face.
Lindsay is a buther face, its a good thing they make paper bags
#face #hott #girl #butt #her #butter
by wrt354y5u July 27, 2006
The origin of this word is that it is something you would say of a girl with a nice body, but an ugly face:
"Dude, everything's hot BUT HER FACE" ie she becomes a "butterface."

Bonus: if you say it about a girl, she thinks it sounds sweet!
"That chick was a butherface. I'd do her if I could paper bag her."
by yer mom November 25, 2003
when a gurl has a great body and everything looks good buther face
damn everything on that gurl loook good buther face

#nasty face #nice ass #nice curves #nice tities #nice legs
by brinuh March 07, 2009
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