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1. to ejaculate, in both the literal and non-literal sence;

Most likely derived from the emptying of sperm form the testicels.
1. She's so hot she makes me want to bust a nut;
by S. Werner April 26, 2006
He busted his nut on his girlfriend
by BIG BOI!!!!!! March 30, 2005
1) Go bat shit crazy with rage
2) Ejaculate
1) Darth Kieduss: If Disney turns Star Wars into a musical, I'm gonna bust a nut!
2) Snoop Dogg giving Lisa Lampinelli nicknames: Busta-Bust a nut in your face. And my face, Snoop-Chilli-Dogg-In-Your-Mutha-Fuckin-Mouth.
by Kieduss February 26, 2014
When one comes or also known as ejaculate
A man won't stop till he bust a nut and is over come with pleasure
by oops did i do tht ;p January 21, 2012
Have an orgasm.
'Cause when I bust my nut, I'm raisin' up off the cot.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
extrenuous action. To exert a lot of force causing fatigue, tiredness, exaustion, and possibly pain. Causing a hernea.
I almost busted a nut pulling that root from the ground. Don't bust a nut picking up that 100lb bag.
by Sewage November 11, 2003
let a white substance explode from the penis through a vigourous hand motion
Damn homie, that muthafucka is bustin his nut in the bathroom.......
by ginder July 17, 2003