to ejaculate or cum.. either when having sex or self pleasure white and sticky
that girl is hot she makes me want to bust a nut

Hey nate shaw dont bust a nut while on the phone
by THE ALL KNOW ING MIKE AND CHASE February 20, 2003
1. to ejaculate (for males)
2. to pull a U-turn
3. to enjoy a bag of corn nuts
1. "During sex with his wife, last night, Larry bust a nut."
2. "To turn around, I'm gonna have to bust a nut."
3. "Enjoy yourself, we won't tell! Bust a nut with corn nuts!"
by jackanapes July 11, 2006
to come, ejaculate, bust, jizz, drop a load, sploge
im reddy to bust a nut ... rollin down the street smokin indo sippin on gin and juice LAY back wit my mind on my money and my money on my mind
by will August 11, 2004
to laugh so hard that you strain a testicle
"every time i see that pic of the squirrel with the huge balls, i bust a nut."
by jody r. gross March 20, 2007
to climax, reach sexual climax.
"don't bust a nut... stupid bitch" (Too Short)
by eysiz March 03, 2005
To cum, sometimes in a chile chute
I busted a nut in Mathew.
by Shiv October 11, 2003
busting a nut is smashing someone so hard in the balls they burst
Jason shouldn't have f-ed with Bailey; Bailey bust a nut!
by trip springhouse November 15, 2007

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