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ejaculate semen
Yo, i bust a nut in that's girl's face.
by nutty5000 August 17, 2008
1. to ejaculate
2. to exert one's self greatly (comes from how one might get an inguinal(groin) hernia from over exertion)
John: Yo, Jim's sure busting a nut with the yardwork, eh?
Don: Yeah, his wife promised him as threesome with her lezbo cousin if he gets it done today!
John: Then he'll REALLY bust a nut, eh?
Don: Ideally, yes!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada January 21, 2009
Used to explain such anger or stress that the strain would split the testicle(s)
Dude, if you don't finish the before the deadline then they're gonna bust a nut!

I wouldn't be surprised if that bomb defusal squad bust a nut.
by Chainsaw Panda June 16, 2011
A slang term, used in place of the more "correct" term for ejaculation. The term originated from when sperm would bust from the testicles (nuts). Not to be confused with "bust your nuts" meaning to smash the testicles.
"My roomate tried to steal my girl last night, so I bust a nut on his bed."
by Shinigami Kings September 29, 2008
ejectulateing semen (cuming)
I was having hot sex with sarah that made me bust a nut in her vagina
by John December 02, 2003
to cum or splooge
man i busted a nut in her butt last nite
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
1. to ejaculate, in both the literal and non-literal sence;

Most likely derived from the emptying of sperm form the testicels.
1. She's so hot she makes me want to bust a nut;
by S. Werner April 26, 2006