Generally thought to mean shooting someone; often used in rap slang.

This is incorrect.

"Bust a cap" comes from 1890-1920 Irish gangs, in New York City. It referred to breaking someone's kneecaps.
MacDonald refused to pay tribute, we had to send our enforer Murphy down there to bust a cap.
by VivaRedChe September 30, 2009
1. shooting somebody (usually with a handgun)
2. coming/climaxing in somebody
by biiiiiiiiitch! December 02, 2010
Attested in "True Grit" by Charles Portis, 1968, but most likely much older.

The derivation is probably from the percussion "cap," a small metal cylinder open at one end with an amount of shock-sensitive explosive, usually fulminate of mercury, used to set off the powder charge in a muzzle-loading firearm.

The modern derivation, however, is probably from the "cap gun," a toy firearm using paper "caps" containing Armstrong's mixture or a similar substance to provide the small explosions.
"I have never busted a cap (bust a cap) on a woman or anybody much under sixteen years but I will do what I have to do." -- "Lucky" Ned Pepper
by ET Molligee September 20, 2014
To discharge a round of ammunition from a firearm, usually a handgun.
"Fuck wit me, and I'll bust a cap in yo ass, biatch!!"
"That fool was disrespectin' a brutha so I had to straight bust a cap in his ass!"
by Street Shakespeare December 05, 2006
im gonna kick ya a$$
Girl, don't even go there, unless you want me to Bust-A-Cap :*
by I love you March 29, 2005
kick someones ass, or beat someone up
ima come over there and ima bust a cap
by swapanl February 03, 2007
(v.) for police officer to arrest headwear.
Okay Nikegolf cap, you're busted. Tiger ain't wearin' you no more.
by Gumba Gumba May 20, 2004

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