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The phenomenon that takes place when a sexually aroused male experiences a sudden or gradual rush of blood to the penis causing it to stand stiff and harden, often occuring unexpectedly in a public setting.
I always pop a boner every time I see your mom bend over

I popped a boner in Miss Goodbody's math class just before she asked me to solve a problem on the board
by streetsouljah November 02, 2009
VERB (sometimes used as an ADJECTIVE)
1. displaying a displeased or problematic reaction to what has been said or done by another person
2. the act of rupturing regular peaceful discourse between two human beings.
3. The act of throwing obstacles in between the peaceful interaction of human beings that could be metaphorically "tripped over"

This word can be used on a widely varying scale of intensity
Why you trippin' b?
Man, that n*gga be trippin'?
Don't be trippin' now!
by Streetsouljah August 29, 2006
To discharge a round of ammunition from a firearm, usually a handgun.
Fuck wit me, and I'll bust a cap in yo ass biatch!!!!
That fool was disrespectin' a brutha so I had to straight bust a cap in his ass!
by Streetsouljah September 06, 2006
the killing of woman and children through indiscriminate bombing
the spraying with assault rifles of frantic mobs
destruction of schools
destruction of urban infrastructure
inhumane and illegal torture of combatants defending their country from occupation
creation of sectarian violence

All What the American Government calls liberating the people of Iraq
Operation Iraq Freedom (which is supposed to be called Iraqi Freedom but some people don't know how to spell)
was launched in March 2003
Now Back to CNN's bullshit coverage of Operation Iraq(Iraqi) Freedom
by Streetsouljah August 30, 2006
Hip Hop written, recorded or produced under the influence of even more drugs than normally
Man, this trippy shit ain't hip-hop, It's gotta be trip-hop.
Coldcut's remix of Eric B.'s and Rakim's hip hop hit ain't hip hop, it's trip hop yo!
by Streetsouljah August 29, 2006
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