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3 definitions by www.blingblingx.da.ru

A slang phrase referring to the posession and use to a certain individial of a firearm or any other object resembling a firearm that emits any sort of a projectile.
"Imma bust a cap in yo mothafuckin ass bitch!"
by www.blingblingx.da.ru November 30, 2004
A true gangsta with style and who can rap so fresh. His CD Hate Me Now is bangin! Also known as Teymur, T-Mo and Zen-X.
Yo, Ill-Eagle is da bomb!
by www.blingblingx.da.ru February 29, 2004
Downloaded, a word related to computers. To install something onto your hardisk.
I downed this sweet stuff yesterday!
by www.blingblingx.da.ru February 29, 2004