Getting yourself or others into a situation that is way over your head and spirals out of control.

Origin 1: President George W. Bush's Presidency
Origin 2: Michael D. Brown, FEMA Director / Bush's appointment
Origin 3: President Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to the United States Supreme Court
We told some guy that our software could do all that and then when he invited us to a meeting, it turned out the president of his company was there expecting a demo and we totally got bushed.

I lied on my resume years ago by saying that I fluent in Spanish and then forgot about it until my first day at my new job and I totally got bushed when it turned out I was supposed to be the liaison to the Latin American office.
by Chip Chipson October 27, 2005
Top Definition
1. tired

2. tired of and baffled by trying to understand why George W. Bush is in the White House.
1. I got so bushed while shopping with my gram for antiques.

2. These Diebold machines have bushed the nation.
by Peter K. Marx February 10, 2005
To Struggle, or have difficulty with everything.
I really Bushed that situation up!!!
by Stallion1973 September 19, 2006
A country "liberated" by the USA under the leadership of George W. Bush
Iraq was bushed.
by Bert April 26, 2003
Getting righteously screwed and not having a say about it. to practice fraud under legal means.
Yo man did ya hear?...Tag got Bushed on the final dude!! :o
by Tag Zen February 05, 2009
To change the facts of a situation to fit your needs.
See the war in Iraq and the facts that where bushed to make the case for going to war.
by CMattF August 24, 2006
Taken advantage of by a person (or persons) in a high position, usually in association with illegal, immoral or ethically dubious activities by that high ranking person.
"Every bit of my retirement money evaporated when I got Bushed by my accountant!"
by Briny January 22, 2008
Tired or fatigued;The object of Bush`s brand of NWO political views; a victim of mental and/or political rape by the power that be.
by jim pearce November 13, 2003

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