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The result of one eating until their stomach is at or over the limit of what it can contain. People commonly are diagnosed with "buffet hangover" at places where there is no limit to how much you eat, such as a buffet or events which involve large quantities of food.

The common symptoms of "buffet hangover" include;
- laziness
- drowsiness

- stomach pains
- nausea

Depending on your age and what you ate, other symptoms may include;
- heart-burn
- food poisoning
- diarrhea
- excessive vomiting
"Man, I should not have went to that party on an empty stomach. I totally had a buffet hangover!"

"Jack had a buffet hangover at that new all-you-can-eat place. He spent all night barfing up a storm!"
by BrianDZ June 30, 2014
A term used nowadays by girls to describe a man which they love very much. This word is meant to give exceptional meaning to the man and create a strong bond between the girl and the one she calls by this name.
Girl 1: Hey, how's your boyfriend doing?
Girl 2: You mean my SOMLLLYYYYWALLLYBOO? He's the BEST in the world!
by BrianDZ July 05, 2012

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