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a shot of ammeretto in a cup of beer... mmm tastes like dr.pepper... yummeh and get u tanked as shit till u pukeing ur face hole off
lets get drunk off dr pepper
by karen April 07, 2004
Sabado Gigante is hosted by Mario Kreutzberger AKA "Don Francisco".. and he does NOT have a mustache!
Although the show says it's familiar... it is geared to adults.
The funny thing is that they do have a "children's section"
Let's watch Sabado Gigante on Saturday, amigos! :p
by Karen February 23, 2005
extremely hardcore band who rocks out whatever is thrown at them. brody has an incredible voice that even though its screaming, sounds beautiful! if you haven't listened to them really check them out! their songs may be self-defacing (like green day) but they are very realistic. and they use big words ;)
hey you, listen to the distillers™
by karen April 29, 2004
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