He's not a retard. As someone else already pointed out, that's offensive to those who are retarded but struggle on with their lives. George Bush jr. never had to struggle for anything other than to take a shit out of his coke-constipated colon. George Bush jr. CHOOSES to be as dumb as he is, chooses to deal with the people he deals with, chooses to shaft the US public whilst telling them he's celibate. I can only hope that one day he has a heart attack whilst his cock's stuck in the donkey on the white house lawn, so the press find him like that...
Bush said the US had proof Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. 8 months prior to 9/11, Bush had members of the Taleban over to discuss the building of a major section of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan (suprise surprise, now it won't cost so much)
Bush claims to have human rights as his main concern (hence the afghanistan invasion and then iraq) yet continues to ignore widespread human rights abuses in nigeria (but there's oil there, and Shell), saudi arabia (he's still buddies with their rulers though), the sudan (nothing of monetary value there, so who cares eh?), chechnya (ditto), somalia (ditto) and so on. You gotta love his consistency (about the same as oil, i'd say)
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
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The only presendent of the United States of America to be all most assassinated by a pretzil.
Oh my god he must be a dumb fuck!!!
by Derick Nobcheese December 09, 2004
see warmonger

1. one who uses patriotism and immense propaghanda to gain support for illegal unjustified brutal acts upon oppressed people for own gains. whether it be oil or money.
2. one who puts self gains in front of human life
3. immense dumbass
4. pubic hair.

see dumbass
that idiot bush is going to attack Syria next.

the only bush, george bush will ever get, is his own.
by Bush hater May 01, 2003
1. Someone who chokes on a pretzel.
2. Redneck who cannot control his two alcoholic daughters, but is given control of a nation
3. Someone who cannot pronounce most words in the English language properly (ie. Nuc-u-lar, and sad-am hussein)
4. Person who uses pauses in speeches like there's no tomorrow
Da only reason dat Prez Bush got voted in is because of all the white trash in America
by Anthony da pimp I. March 30, 2003
1. The dumbest person ever in America
2. One who wins an election unfairly
3. A monkey
4. The worst world leader ever
5. One who has trouble with pronouncing simple words (such as nuclear)
6. Pubic hair
7. A great band
George W. Bush is the biggest moron ever... we're doomed for another 4 years...DOOMED
by mp November 13, 2004
Un elected president of the United States. Backed by ex president father, massive Oil and Armaments corporations; The harbinger of sorrow; Evil Incarnate; One to reap the benefits of genocide; One to disgrace an entire nation in the world's eye; Murderer.
"There is an opposite to everything: Fire has water, Sorrow has joy, God has Bush."
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 16, 2003
Anybody who supports George Bush Jr. is also a Redneck.

NO to WAR! NO to Imperialism! NO to Blood for Oil!
Fuck the Bush administration!
by death_to_all April 07, 2003
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