1. Pubic fro.
2. A decent-sounding 90's rock band.
1.Help! There's chewing gum in my bush!
2.Last night I saw Bush in concert.
by R.F. March 16, 2005
1.A bush, What are you, an asshole?
2. A Motherfucking son of a bitching asshole disgrace to America that was elected President and sucks his own dick.
Bush, YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!
by Justin Umali February 11, 2005
1989-1993 The President of the United States.
1993-2001 A British "grunge" rock band that sounded exactly like Nirvana.
2001- The President of the United States.
1992 - Bush lost the election to Clinton.
1995 - Why are you still talking about Bush? He left office years ago! Oh, you mean some Neo-Grunge band from the UK.
2004 - A new album by Bush? No, the President is not making any new albums.
by None Given December 02, 2004
one who wins elections unfairly, doesn't allow people in LOVE to get married, steals from the poor and gives to the rich, wages war because of imaginary weapons, ignores memos about terrorist attacks, makes false promises, oh yeah and

bush lied, thousands died

if bush wants to see a fricking weapon of mass destruction, he should just look in the FRICKING MIRROR!

by awesomeness March 08, 2005
A weapon of mass destruction
Whether he will be remembered as a good president or a liar, Bush is a WMD.
by Sam April 09, 2005
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