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a shrub with branches like a plant
that's a nice bush!!!!
by moomoo January 02, 2005
The master of playdoh.
"look i just made a teddy!"
by moomoo March 25, 2003
A four-legged wooden table that sits in your lounge, a coffee table.
"agrath tripped over the coffee table"
by moomoo March 25, 2003
The most evil woman in the world who yells at me for turning my head and makes the ride home pure hell every day. And who knows when you're looking at her so she can look up in the mirror to see you and when she does this, her eyes roll back into her head like a demon.
Look at the busdriver. She sees us! Duck!
by Moomoo March 07, 2005
Oddly enough, my favorite place to go. Since where I live is too boring and my parents grew up there so I've always gotten to go there all the time so it's like a second home. It's interesting enough if you're hanging out in the park: Lots of gunshots, people threatening to kill you, druggies, and male prostitutes. (But not everywhere in Youngstown, only the fun parts.)
I'm going to Youngstown, I wanna go laugh at the male prostitutes in the park!
by Moomoo March 07, 2005
Better version of Lindsay Lohan. It's nice to see that she hasn't alterted her image and still maintains the cute, preppy look that many are giving up for media attention! She is definitely getting better at at acting and singing and even sounds semi-decent live.
People are so redundant about the reasons why they Hilary Duff; they think it's cool to go on and on about how she's like soooooo manufactured.
by moomoo January 02, 2005

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