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a cop who is having a bad day and feels the need to make others miserable
I really didn't do anything illegal, it was just a case of burnt bacon.
-Court testimony
by Drezdyn February 22, 2004
When the struggle bus is so real its like you burnt the bacon
When your day is just some burnt bacon
by DandandAn February 15, 2015
A term used to describe the penis after a period of sex or ejaculation lasting longer than 30 minutes
Burnt bacon- "Last night me and my girlfriend went so hard and long that she burnt my bacon!"
by the bobster391 February 03, 2012
a black lesbian
"man i dont want no damn burnt bacon this time"
by Megan April 23, 2004
An idea that is bad or stupid
You and your ideas are so burnt bacon, i hate you
by Grande Rojo April 13, 2010
What you get when you put a slice of bacon in the microwave for 24 hours straight.
I wanted some bacon, so i put that shit in the microwave for 24 hours. Any ya know what? when i came back it was burnt bacon. Fuck.
by jOrg! December 24, 2005
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