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a cop who is having a bad day and feels the need to make others miserable
I really didn't do anything illegal, it was just a case of burnt bacon.
-Court testimony
by Drezdyn February 22, 2004
32 6
A term used to describe the penis after a period of sex or ejaculation lasting longer than 30 minutes
Burnt bacon- "Last night me and my girlfriend went so hard and long that she burnt my bacon!"
by the bobster391 February 03, 2012
3 0
An idea that is bad or stupid
You and your ideas are so burnt bacon, i hate you
by Grande Rojo April 13, 2010
2 1
a black lesbian
"man i dont want no damn burnt bacon this time"
by Megan April 23, 2004
9 9
What you get when you put a slice of bacon in the microwave for 24 hours straight.
I wanted some bacon, so i put that shit in the microwave for 24 hours. Any ya know what? when i came back it was burnt bacon. Fuck.
by jOrg! December 24, 2005
11 20