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(n) Proper word for a very gooey resonating fart. Usually this can only be perpetrated by someone whith a very craggy behind. Or someone who is sitting in something that is squishy and pliable like a bean bag. The sound's hilarity is only matched by the odor which usually smells like vomit.
Orin said he and his peoples is gonna burble.
by Rhern March 04, 2005
A large floating balloon covered in many smaller balloons with lights that change. First seen at the Phish- Festival 8.
That burble was super heady durning the Hood.
by guf November 03, 2009
Despite other harsh definitions, in the battle game of Dagorhir, within the Empire of Mirkwood, Burble is known to be a very sweet lady. During a tournament for assassins at Dagorhir's yearly gathering Ragnarok, all of the Mirkwood fighters set out as an envoy for the young woman, to protect her from a group of would-be killers, who, sadly, didn't even make it past Mordor. And so, Burble became immortal, even revered, as the entirety of the Mirkwoodian Family stood to protect one of their own.
Protect the Burble!

Yo, Burble, come try the hookah!
by pornqueen August 04, 2011
When you have leftover chicken and you take it home.
"I can't eat all of this chicken. I'm going to have to burble it."
by Dr. Crisp Lemon November 04, 2012
After an idea or ideal is shot down; essentially when somebody's 'bubble is burst'. The creators are well aware that burble is also a synonymn for 'bubbling', 'babbling', or 'gurgling', but feel that, as so many words have multiple definitions, 'burble' is strong enough to uphold a new meaning.
"After all, when someone becomes disillusioned, as in so many works of literature in the modernism fad, their dreams become burbles."

"Go home, think about it, and mourn your burble."
by Sarah Tudor-Doyle February 04, 2010
Burble - to talk random codshite/inanities/word puns and associations
After the club we all went back to Creampie's @ Sec22 HQ n burbled bollox
by Tania K September 13, 2005
Its a four (4) Legged mechanical object, aka, a robot... But with FOUR (4) Legs.
Or, it can mean, an insult of somesort... just be smart and play along, it'll make peoples laugh.
"Dude, look, he's such a fucking burble...."
by muttbabey November 27, 2004
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