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3 definitions by Rhern

(n) Someone who produces farts at an amazing rate and can be compared with a modern day mass production facility, except for farts.
Orin is such a damn fart factory, that's 5 in a row!
by Rhern February 28, 2005
64 4
(n) Proper word for a very gooey resonating fart. Usually this can only be perpetrated by someone whith a very craggy behind. Or someone who is sitting in something that is squishy and pliable like a bean bag. The sound's hilarity is only matched by the odor which usually smells like vomit.
Orin said he and his peoples is gonna burble.
by Rhern March 04, 2005
50 33
(v) Shorthand for "burble" which is a genre of farts. Usually this has a gooey sounds that resonates around the butt before being released into the air. It is similar the sound effect used in cartoons for when things are squished. Usually these are particularily stinky.
Clear out the room, he just burbed!
by Rhern March 04, 2005
19 31