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Spontaneous stupidity.
"He probably thinks it's funny when he breaks into the 'berries and cream' dance, but everyone else thinks it's so randumb.
by Evelynne December 01, 2007
A hobbit sex toy named after a famous explorer from the Shire.
Samwise should probably buy his girl a dilbo.
by Evelynne November 30, 2007
An adjective describing the strange sounds made in the depths of ones body.
I must be hungry or something because my stomach is all burbly.
by Evelynne November 30, 2007
1. An imaginary disease that causes one to be uncontrollably emotional.

2. A word used when you can't excuse your bitchy behavior with "I'm PMSing" because you used it a week and a half ago.
I'm sorry I snapped at you today, I just have a bad case of the grumpies.

by Evelynne November 30, 2007
When you're up all night on the internet.
I was ewake all night looking at pictures of Jack Black.
by Evelynne December 01, 2007
Another term for a double chin.
Dude man, you're gaining some weight. You already have a jobble!
by Evelynne November 30, 2007

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