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pussy; someone who is scared to take on a challenge either a fight or another form of competition lmAo!!
yo ni99a you dunt wanna fight me u fucking bunz this nigga is mad bunz yo
by HOAx September 09, 2003
116 66
Horrible; if something is inadequett;ugly
yo that girl should put a bag on her head her face is BUNZ
by ALANA November 09, 2003
88 67
(noun). Bunz is simply a word that can be used in place of the words ""girls" or "women", or any other word that describes the female race.
"Bro, i need some bunz...like right now."

"Damn bro, theres no bunz up in here."

"Bunz time."

"Maaaan I love bunz."

"We still hittin up this party? Hopefully I can get some bunz afterwards."
by Tdawwgdaman09 August 06, 2009
42 33
can come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They come in pairs , and can be classified as the following : firm , saggy , stanky , square , hairy , hot , freckled , crazy , lazy , red , dirty , & many more. The end .
Ahhhhh man that girls bunz are SOOOOOO firm !
by hotwheeels April 05, 2011
13 18
The act of getting ass
I caught mad bunz last weekend.
by J November 02, 2003
52 63
Is when a fucking hot chick or guy walks by, you proceed with saying: bunz
"Yo that fucking chick right there is bunz"
"You're god damn bunz."
by laceychka January 17, 2009
12 39
Crazy, out of control, with no reguard.

Tommie Bunz from Belly
That guy is Bunz for robbing the bank with no gun. Or when someone you know does an outlandish act.
by Big Beatz June 10, 2004
18 53