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Making money off the fiends.
Im boomin im bunkin im servin all the junkies.
by Jokerthetruth313 August 07, 2010
Jammin out on loud rap music, preferably music with lots of bass
Yoo! You hear the black guy over there is bunkin
by BanannaKush November 11, 2011
When a male is aroused, and the vagina just isn't enough, he will sometimes aim for the anus and penetrate, thus resuliting in butt fucking.
I hear that Lacrisha is all about some bunkin! Get some, homie!
by MeezyBabyy May 02, 2011
Skipin school
Where were you yesterday, man?
I was Bunkin, enit!
by Fred the breadrin March 11, 2003
baby; infant
Have you changed the bunkin's diaper?
by Ceanothus March 23, 2004
the jelly roll that flops over a fat girls belt when she sits down. belly button must be exposed.
reggie: "aye mane i'm bout to go holla at shawty over dere" ronald "nah dawg... she got a bunkin!"
reggie: "pussy's pussy"
by me March 21, 2005
the jelly roll that dun flopped over a fat bitches belt buckle. the belly button must be exposed.
"i'm bout to go holla at shawty over there" "nah dawg she got a bunkin:" "so... pussy can't help what its hung on!"
by me March 16, 2005
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