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A shortened version of "teleconference" or "telephone conversation". Ususally spoken by corporate drones trying to sound cool. May be accompanied by a Microsoft Netmeeting or WebEx visual presentation made in PowerPoint.
Mitch: Jody, set up a telecon and WebEx with the team. We're going to pick some low-hanging fruit.
Jody: Ok, I'll shoot you an e-mail with the deets.
by kneb July 26, 2006
noun: a telephone conference whereby your life force is inexorably sucked out of your asshole while your ears are assaulted by the droning of some corporate or government lackey. When accompanied by Webex or Virtual Meeting, it becomes the office equivalent of water boarding.
Slave 1: Dude, did you dial-in to the management telecon this morning?

Slave 2: Yeah - 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back
by paddyoski March 04, 2010
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