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Term used by some men to indicate that they believe an otherwise very attractive woman has been given extra "points" or "bumps" up a scale by other men, thus grading them higher in the Hottie Scale (of 1 to 10) then they should be.

Term often used by sexually-frustrated males.

Dude: Man, she is HOT!

Dud: Oh, you are just giving her bumpage, she ain't that great.

by jimbolo November 27, 2007
When something like an event or date gets bumped, delayed, or cancelled.
Next time tell your husband to get your event request in earlier if you want to avoid bumpage.
by jessredhead August 11, 2011
Music that one "bumps" in his or her ride, crib, etc. or possibly even "in the club".
Sweet: Road trip?
Funk: Word.
Sweet: I'll be there in 10. I got some new bumpage.
Funk: Sweet!
by Anonymous Rappa May 12, 2007
mainly happens to females. when they get out of the shower after washing their hair, and its still wet and they tie it up, then when it is dry they remove the hairtie and they are left with a big bump in their hair, which is hard to brush out.
trust me, i know all about bumpage!
by the wind is changing August 31, 2005
When your bumping, or playing, your music loudly-really loudly.
I was bumping in the dorm past quiet hours and got rolled by my asshole RA, James. He heard my bumpage and gave me a citation.
by Khabutu April 23, 2015
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