Something you don't want a hooker to have
Paying cutomer: What the fuck is that bump?
Hooker: Oh. It's not contagious.
by dannygloversillegitimateson December 23, 2008
In pro wrestling, to fall. The most important thing a wrestler needs to know is how to bump properly.
Holy shit! Did you see the bump Mick Foley just took off the top of the cage!
by hitman3:16 February 17, 2007
to engage in sexual activities with
man, I'd bump that
by Ilianivich March 16, 2003
The word bump can be slang for challengjng someone to a fight. It is often used by middle school kids.
Kid: Don't talk about my family.

Kid 2: what are you gonna do?

Kid: Alright bump then man.

Kid 2: ok lets go.
by aces is me March 23, 2011
1. To give "props"(usually in terms of graffiti art)
1. Yo that graff piece Manny did is hella raw. I bump that

other guy: BUMP BUMP BUMP!

first guy: dude stfu.
by Chris st. October 02, 2005
to be taken, cheated, conned, overcharged
"i had to pay £15 for da drink"
"what a bump"
by kimberley kass April 13, 2005
acronym flipped upside down used on wallpaper threads meaning "Put Up Walls Bitch"
(after someone posts a comment without a wallpaper)
bump or leave!
by sh0ck3r69 November 28, 2010

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