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BumCum is after your partner has ejaculated in your ass, and then Cum starts dripping outa his ass hole.
eewww, omg my bf fucked my ass last night and then started drinkin my bumcum.
by Rush April 12, 2005
semen that is pumped out after anal sex.
"shake your tits, look in the camera, and tell everyone that you love bum cum."
by orange soothsayer September 29, 2006
When someone is speaking a load of shit
Jasmine: Omg Jeremy fancies me!
by College_Chick May 06, 2014
A translucent, beige, sticky, mucus created in the rectum by the body to help prevent log jams. i ended up at her house and she opened a drawer full of toys but I had to pick the dried bumcum off her butt plug before we could use it...

I thought there was a monster turd brewing but I sat there for 15 minutes and only managed to fart out a teaspoon of bumcum.
by poxley March 26, 2010
Nasty cum or sperm that is ejaculated from a bum, a bum that is nasty and lives in the woods usually. the cum may be brown or yellow, if your unlucky it may be bloody and white. bum cum is not something to mess with, its so sticky and powerful it could stick you to a tree if a bum attacks with his cum.
"guess what happened to john out in the graveyard woods?"
"some bums attacked him and ejected their bum-cum all over him."
by Bumassdick September 12, 2011
bumcum is actually the slick substance that you feel in your bum after you have done a lot of working on on a hot summer day.
I had mad bumcum the other day when I was running in gym.
by dankling September 28, 2006
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