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a man that has a gay lover and have sex up the shitter.
ewwww also known as Daniel Gale. Jamie Harris
hey bumchums stop fukkin up the arse!!!!!!
by louise April 11, 2004
24 57
An overly friendly humanoid of the masculine variety with a preference for other males. They like to spend their time investigating cracks and crevices. Favourite games include Hide the Sausage and Where's the Salami. Often answers to the name Jimmy, James, Jimbo or Jimbob.
Chrissy: BumChumSayWhat?
Jimbob: WhhhaaaAAaaaAAaaatttt????
by ChrissleWissle September 01, 2004
185 70
An English word for a gay person.
Terrance, did you see Oliver sipping tea with his new bum chum?
by Jefe March 30, 2003
147 58
Two people who are inseparable, they are always seen together.
Dan and Joe are such BumChum's they are always together!!
by Nat-Man April 12, 2007
95 27
(putative) homosexual anal sex partner (mildly derogatory)
Look, there goes John with his bumchum.
by lord british October 19, 2003
98 46
A Bum chum is a male boyfriend to another male.
Elton John is David Fernishes "Bum Chum"
by louis June 06, 2003
83 47
Australian Slang

best friends, mates, chummy, friends you feel totally comfortable with
John and I are bum chums!
by J-Boi September 14, 2006
63 34
Two males that enjoy giving each other anal pleasure, through the insertion of the penis into the tight orifice (or sometimes loose) of the anal cavity.
"Well young sir, i heard Trizzo and Ratboy are quite the bum chums"
by DogRip January 19, 2007
60 35