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Girl who plays tennis and loves Native Americans, since they're stupid and it makes her feel smarter. She's pretty cool though and hates Dan Rosen so that's always good.
Jamie Harris is dating a Native American named Squanto.
by Daniel Rosen October 05, 2004
A short spotty boy who wears glasses, suffers from acne and works in McDonalds.He also participates in hardcore sessions of docking.
Jamie Harris who does I.T, Biology, Maths and Graphics.
by MARK DONALDS January 19, 2004
the owner of a half eaten mole rat that used to be pink but now gives off a putrid grey/brown color named baby.
that homeless crackhead really resembles jamie harris
by ROOOOO October 07, 2004

A girl who is truly a blonde; spells unfavorable with a U - not cool..
Jamie Harris stole my chart for the chemistry lab!
by Anonymous October 06, 2004
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