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a term for a slag/sket/hoe/slapper.
u r such a junge!
by louise June 19, 2004
giving oral sex, blow job, head, BJ.
will u give me shines trace?
by louise April 12, 2004
eyes that make you wanna hump the person
Nick valensi of the strokes
by Louise August 26, 2003
money which the government give to people who have 10 kids with 10 different men. they are usually about 15 years old when they get to this stage. there children are usually pikeys or townies they live on council estates.
lets go get our benfits and then rob a house.
by louise April 14, 2004
a phrase used by townies and pimps to call their bitches.
yo hoe come here and giv me sum shines now bitch
by louise April 12, 2004
means getting cussed, taken the piss out of etc.
noooo....u just got gunned! (u just got cussed!)
by louise June 19, 2004
to make an icon of. Ie. to idolize is to iconify something/someone
and b.
to make an icon for a computer desktop.
a, he iconified his hero
b. I will iconify my child's picture for my desktop. It will be the icon for the my documents folder
by Louise February 19, 2005
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