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15 definitions by harrison

A giant firey painful shit.
"I'm about to go unleash the poo dragon."
by Harrison March 10, 2004
Vaginal intercourse using your balls instead of your penis.
"It's a good thing that bitch was stretched out or else I wouldn't have been able to grape grog her like I did."
by Harrison March 14, 2004
An exclamation for when when someone or something is gay.
Man in tight pink shirt walks by.
Your reaction: "nnngay"
by harrison October 01, 2003
Fake Yiddish for "Holy shit!" or "Aw fuck!"
Your girlfriend just told you she's pregnant... your reply: "OYVAKANUSHKAVAV!"

**a possible spin on the word could be "oyvakafuckingnushkavav!"
by Harrison September 23, 2003
Fake Yiddish for "Damnit!" or "Oh man!" or "Oh no!" or "I can't believe this" etc...
"Oyvaknush, I have so much homework tonight."
by Harrison September 23, 2003
The cool black way of saying bojangles
Alright! Bojizzle mah nizzle fo shizzle... izzle izzle... yeah... I am so alone...
by harrison October 19, 2003
Adjective used to describe someone of serious talent, such as in sports or sex
Tyrique: Why is Terrel Owens so damn famous?

Tito: 'Cause he's DIEZY!
by Harrison May 05, 2004