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Going to the automatic car wash and getting that ONE bay that doesn't clean as well as the others.
I just got my car washed! Awesome, right?

Um, no. Half of your car is still dirty! You must have gotten the bumbay.
by ginnypigsoup January 09, 2013
Derogatory (Filipino) slang term for Indians/Hindus. Derived from "Bombay".
"Hey, stay away from those bumbays!"
by Aec August 15, 2003
A landing pad for where many vessels can unload. Obvious gay slang for a receiver.
Colin is the bumbay of the neighbourhood.
by David Fredds October 07, 2006
a filipino term to describe brown ppl.
si george bumbay yun eh,mukang tsonggo
by maco October 22, 2003