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4 definitions by abcDEFG

derisive term for MTV-created bands who claim to be metal but actually are not. usually consists of downturned guitars, poorly played drums and bass, and teen angst lyrics screamed or rapped over this wall of noise.
korn, limp bizkit, linkin park, slipknot
by abcdefg December 12, 2003
707 222
A chick everyone loves!!! Used to describe the best chick
My chick is a Romi
by abcdefg November 20, 2003
171 42
to learn later on
eh brah, bumbai you learn
by abcDEFG October 29, 2003
28 10
annoying shit who is a hypocrite and lies all the time
person:that guy is such an annoyin shit
person2: yeah hes such a sunny
by abcdefg April 07, 2005
190 232