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An overly friendly humanoid of the masculine variety with a preference for other males. They like to spend their time investigating cracks and crevices. Favourite games include Hide the Sausage and Where's the Salami. Often answers to the name Jimmy, James, Jimbo or Jimbob.
Chrissy: BumChumSayWhat?
Jimbob: WhhhaaaAAaaaAAaaatttt????
by ChrissleWissle September 01, 2004
Two people who are inseparable, they are always seen together.
Dan and Joe are such BumChum's they are always together!!
by Nat-Man April 12, 2007
An English word for a gay person.
Terrance, did you see Oliver sipping tea with his new bum chum?
by Jefe March 30, 2003
(putative) homosexual anal sex partner (mildly derogatory)
Look, there goes John with his bumchum.
by lord british October 19, 2003
A Bum chum is a male boyfriend to another male.
Elton John is David Fernishes "Bum Chum"
by louis June 06, 2003
If you are bumchums with someone it does not always mean you both take part in anal love making. It also means you are really good friends. Comes from the word bumming or to bum . If you bum something then you really like it. E.g "I'm really bumming this new track!!" So a bumchum is someone you get along with really well and really like.
Person 1: "Hey Bumchum!!"
Person 2: "Haha Hey!"
Person 1: "What you been up to?"
Person 2: "Nothing Much"
Person 1: "Wow I love that new top!"
Person 2: "Thanks I'm liking your new haircut!"
Person 1: "Wanna come over my house after school?"
Person 2: "Sure!"
Person 3: "Stop bumming each other!!"
by Dan.R March 07, 2006
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