Often mistaken with anal fluff (different thing etirely)... After a period of certain unhygienically living, a small amount of dust, cat hairs (dog hairs. human hair.. whatever) and sweat congeals in the belly button area of the body and stays there until one either washes (thus terminating the period of unhygienically living and smell) or the lucky other half (or embarassed and soon to fail one night stand) picks it out and unvariably smells it.... it smells of bum.
Phwoar! your bum fluf smells of ass!

What's fluff? Oh! It smells of bottoms. Must be bum fluff again.
by robin and cecily April 12, 2008
Top Definition
Facial hair that is so sparse it can be considered as good as the fluff on one's bottom
That's not a moustache - that's bum fluff
by Gordon April 02, 2003
feeble facial hair
That ain't a beard, it's just bumbluff
by Tony50 May 08, 2003
Any random bits of hair that look like they shouldn't be there or just fluff.
"Look at that mostache its jus bumfluff!"
"You got bumfluff on ya jumpa."
by Emmax x x May 21, 2005
light downy growth of adolescent facial hair; also written bum-fluff or bum fluff

used as an insult, mainly in britain
"Oh listen to me, you antipodean fleck of bumfluff!"

-- House talking with Chase in the Season 2 bloopers of "House M.D."
by House's 2nd Best Friend October 10, 2008
Bum fluff is literally sparse and whispy facial hairs on an adolescent boy, (Or Asian girl)... Tee hee! Which resemble peach fuzz, under-bed lint, gossimar threads... or any fine downy substance.
"You look a right cunt with that bum fluff on thy face mate! Grow up and stop trying to look like a blonde girl's arse!!!!" * Mr Kipling's Diaries.*
by Spillage66 August 05, 2007
The weird hair that teenage boys have above their top lip around the time of puberty. Like a first moustache
"Ew, he's gross, he has bum fluff on his lips"
by alkies December 04, 2015
Hair on the chin that nobody likes!
Chips has alot of bum fluff!
by Adam Stevens March 31, 2005

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