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It is the bit of skin between your scrotum and your anus. It can also be used to insult people.
You lick biffkin
You are a biffkinator
by Adam Stevens November 04, 2004
Derives from the word pwn. In essence it has the same meaning but to a slighty higher degree.

Also goes well with demon
"I pwned that noob 99-0" "That isn't pwnage, it is krwnage!!!!"

What a Krwn Demon!
by Adam Stevens November 07, 2004
It is an Australian term for the clitorous (bloody Aussies!!!). It is called this because - as you should know - the most pleasurable spot on the woman is the clitorous and it's approxiamtely the size of an m&m.
I "found the m&m" on your mum and licked it good, DAMN it tasted good!!!
by Adam Stevens November 04, 2004
To have a mere is to screw something up. To be a mere is to be a screw-up
John Smith is the biggest mere I've ever seen!
by Adam Stevens November 07, 2004
On your cell phone when typing "pownage" on predictive text it will come up with sowncie. So in essence it means the same as pownage.
That was a sowncie attack
by Adam Stevens November 07, 2004
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