coolest thing ever; reference to something that is totally da bomb; fantastically fabulouso
somebody does something wicked sweet and you would say "That's bully!"
by C-unit is me September 13, 2005
An individual whom evolution and society both favor because he exhibits selfish, cruel, extroverted genes which will enable to him to successfully negotiate the adult world. Society pretends to dislike him, while hypocritically acting as if we approve of his behavior. Contrary to popular belief, bullies often ARE successful later in life, while their victims are not. After all, it is strength humans value and strength that rules us.

See also jerk and nice guy.
Bullies may be beneath contempt, but I also hate to admit that I may envy them.
by Killing Kittens March 06, 2005
Someone who makes fun of others and their beliefs
Dude John is a total bully.
by 13_mel April 28, 2015
an ugly worthless coward who picks on other people
Stop being a bully you ugly coward!
by Rejektz February 25, 2015
That one asshole at your school who in elementary school is a total douche who picks on you but when you get to middle school you let out all your rage after working out all summer and beat the living shit out of him
Elementary school bully: (steals stuff from your backpack) haha try to get it back
Elementary school you: Hey man we can work it out (later trades his lunch for the thing

Middle school bully: (steals stuff from your backpack) haha try to get it back
Middle school you: I WILL FUCKING KICK YOUR BALLS UP YOR THROAT (bully hands back stuff but you do it anyway
by explodingpinata January 04, 2015

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