Bull bar found on front of ute, truck or even car.
Hit 3 roos cumin back from the pub last night. One almost bent me bully. Bloody busted me left spoty too.
by blue2 June 16, 2007
Someone who is better than most others, likely knows exactly WHY they are better, and has no issues with expressing that fact to said others.
Teddy was a bully of the highest caliber. Others knew and respected this because he never let them forget it. Someday Teddy will run this world.
by Ironmonk October 21, 2011
is a fagget who sits in the bush himself and smokes marijuana just to get happy and he a fucking plug who stalks girls and he is a fiendish midget ass banger who likes to blow midgets and take gold from leprecauns and rape them and he likes to chew on big fat juicy dirty greasy nigger dick
bully says smoke it all day
by bob reno April 01, 2009
what paul and i call fucking =]
paul and i bully in dillards fitting rooms
by jessicaleemtc August 23, 2008
A blunt that is rolled by somebody who is not good at it. Usually, the person swears they can roll, but their blunt comes out loose, unrolls, doesn't hit right, burns for about 3 minutes, etc. A bully should be prevented whenever possible, don't let new potheads twist!
That kid Seeley rolled suchh a fuckin bully.

That bully ass blunt won't even get the two of us high, im about to face
by yaboynekro October 12, 2007
Full of bullshit, or in a playful manner. Without seriousness.
I was trying to holler at that chick, but she is full of Bully. So i left her alone.
by A. white October 04, 2005
coolest thing ever; reference to something that is totally da bomb; fantastically fabulouso
somebody does something wicked sweet and you would say "That's bully!"
by C-unit is me September 13, 2005

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